Black Mountain College

Jacob Ballew, Kendall Breivogel, Nathan Breedlove, Madeline Hendley, Christopher Munden, Samuel Brighton, Matthew Hayworth, James Poarch

Outside view of The Virtual Studies Building
One Room inside The Virtual Studies Building


Experience the story of Black Mountain College during the second World War. As a virtual student, you will join your classmates in completing "The Studies Building." Explore, locate documents, and solve puzzles to complete the building. Navigate through the rooms of the Studies building and listen to the stories of the ghosts of students and professors who were at the college during WWII. Complete tasks by clicking on highlighted objects and listening to hints the ghosts provide and watch as the building becomes completed around you.

Download Note: The executable contained in this zip requires a 64-bit processor and 8GB RAM Recommend Windows-10 Operating System

Simulation Instructions


Keyboard Key/Mouse Action
up arrow or 'w' forward
left arrow or 'a' move left
down arrow or 's' backward
right arrow or 'd' move right
mouse orient camera -- like moving your head around
ESC Exit Simulation

More Detailed Instructions:

The player appears in a field next to the building. The player can then walk either under or around to the other side of the building to the slope leading up to the floor to enter the main entrance. There is a long hallway in the building with several open doors and many closed doors. At the beginning, all but the first are unfinished rooms, as certain events are completed in each finished room, the next one becomes a finished and furnished room. Events to be completed may be clicking on and listening to the ghosts, clicking on clickable object (the objects that become highlighted when the cursor in the center of the screen passes over it), and opening drawers by unlocking the combination locks. At the end, when the player passes through the door at the end of the hallway, the player reappears at the original spawn point and the building is completed.

Project completed in partial fulfillment of Spring 2017 CSCI 373.001: Games Programming with UNC Asheville

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