Mountain Dance and Folk Festival (Dance Simulation)

Kevin Dorsett, Deborah Lawrence, Carole Schroeder, Michael Scott


We present an historical, educational, interactive experience concerning the Mountain Dance Folk Festival (MDFF) in the 1960s and 70s. In this simulation, you play a character practicing your dance moves for the big performance in the Asheville Municipal Auditorium. You must complete a series of steps in order to unlock information about the MDFF and the people involved.

DownLoad Note: The executable contained in this zip requires a 64-bit processor and 8GB RAM Recommend Windows-10 Operating System

Simulation Instructions


Keyboard Key/Mouse Action
'w' forward
'a' move left
's' backward
'd' move right
arrow keys Use to match dance to unlock information
spacebar jump
mouse orient camera -- like moving your head around

Project completed in partial fulfillment of Spring 2017 CSCI 373.001: Games Programming with UNC Asheville

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